We are a young and dynamic team with decades of experience in mathematics and statistics. We deal in market research, political surveys and opinion.

Our services are aimed at companies, start-ups, government and political parties.

MinervaTop is a service provided by Elita s.r.l. as part of a research project in applied mathematics under the direction of Prof. Dr. Marco Antei.

To stay updated on our proposals and our surveys:

Our method


Setting Goals

The formulation of objectives is the preliminary stage of any investigation, in which you decide what information is to be obtained.

The objectives of the survey are discussed and decided together with our customer according to their needs


Identification Of The Sample

Detection of a random sample of people carefully selected and distributed in such a way weighted between the categories that are relevant to the investigation


Sample Size

According to the needs of the customer to evaluate what is the ideal sample size for the survey, in order to identify from the outset the margin of error of the detection


Raccolta e Analisi Dei Dati

We use the most advanced professional software to collect and analyze data in accordance with the main techniques inherited from inferential statistics.

We use the following methods:

  • CAWI
  • CAPI